Productive Computing Inc., certified FileMaker Pro experts for custom development, solutions and hosting
Hosting Features
FileMaker Technologies
FileMaker Pro Hosting on fast secure servers throughout the United States
• Multiple data centers keep your system close and fast
• Faster bandwidth than typical in-house systems
• Secured server facilities
• Always running the latest FM Server & OS security patches
Server Support

We have alert systems in place so that should service get interrupted, we are automatically alerted, in most cases catching the issue before our customers do. Our alert system is very robust whereby we actually ping a dedicated FileMaker test file on each of our servers every 5 minutes so that we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that FileMaker server and everything needed to support it is up and running.

24 hour support is provided to us by the data centers where our servers are located. They are manned by humans 24 hours a day with all the bells and whistles you'd expect in a modern day data center. Their job is to keep the internet up and you won't be interacting with them (we will).

Our job at PCI is to keep the FileMaker severs up and running. We own all our own servers, they are not shared by any third party and there is no virtualization. We fully control everything on them and that's the main reason they are so stable and speedy. We do restart the servers from time to time for necessary OS updates or FileMaker Server updates when applicable (and appropriate). Restarts are typically done after hours when most customers are not impacted. When this happens, we schedule it with an announcement via Email to each customer and also update the Live Server Status above.

Our staff is always willing to help via phone and our Live Server Status is where you can see if the servers are up or down, along with messages from our staff as to what the issue is and when it will be (bypassing the need to call anyone).
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FileMaker Certified Developer

FileMaker Certified Developer
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